Who We Are | Tapestry Church

What's Tapestry All About?

At Tapestry, we are welcoming and accepting of all. You’ll find this congregation to have both a deep tradition and history, yet openness to new ideas and ways of worshipping God. No matter your background, race or sexual orientation, the doors at Tapestry are open to you. There is a place for you here.
We’re also a church in transition – from our location to our staff, we are working toward a new identity and being a different type of church in Johnson County. There’s open opportunity at Tapestry for differing ways of believing and living out your faith, as we’re everyday people, representing individual threads, woven together by Christ’s love. This is Tapestry.
Whether you want to roll up your sleeves and serve our community and world – in ways like missions trips or visiting our home-bound friends – at Tapestry we are looking for people who want to be a part of something greater than themselves

We’ve been around the Marion County and Johnson County, Indiana area since the mid-1950’s and started as Southport Christian Church. Although in a temporary location today, Tapestry is excited to plant our roots in Johnson County to serve this community for another 60 years and beyond.

Tapestry is part of the Disciples of Christ movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. Additionally, we’re proud to be a part of the Pro-reconciliation/Anti-Racism Initiative where the church listens to the once silenced voices of its racial/ethnic communities, learning from their wisdom and gaining insight from their leadership.

Why We're Called Tapestry

We are a group of everyday people, representing individual threads, woven together by Christ's love. We embrace the diversity of God's acceptance as we're called to act from our doorsteps to the ends of the Earth.